Duration: 120 Minutes



What You Want is Right in Front of You

A workshop on manifestation, clarity, and empowerment



Join internationally-renowned Psychic Medium and Life Motivator Omar Kahn, and Osteopath, Psycho-physiologist, author, and lecturer Jennie Morton for an inspiring evening where you will learn to harness the Quantum Field, connect with your innate wisdom, and develop tools and strategies to put you in the driving seat of your life journey  

Omar and Jennie have guided thousands of clients towards their life purpose, helping them address the physical and emotional blocks to achieving their true potential 

Through understanding the innate connection between the body, mind, and Quantum Field, you will start to work with the energetic flow, allowing you to manifest the life you want to live with ease, joy, and grace

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Originally from the UK, Jennie is a former professional dancer, singer, and actor who now works as an Osteopath as well as holding a Masters degree in Psychology. Now based in Los Angeles, she uses an integrative approach to managing physical and emotional challenges in her clinical work, and is also a specialist in the field of Performing Arts Medicine.

In addition to her traditional Osteopathic practice, Jennie is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional and a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, blending her skills into a psycho-physiological approach to treatment. She also incorporates Heart Rate Variability assessment as a Certified HeartMath Practitioner. She has created an online education platform providing courses in various aspects of health management, and is in demand as an international speaker on a variety of health-related topics.

Jennie is dedicated to the provision of education on the subject of healthy practice in the performing arts, and provides lectures and workshops internationally for performers, teachers, students, and medical professionals on the subject of injury prevention and management.

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Jennie Morton BSc (Hons) Osteopathy, MS Psychology

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional.

Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider.

Certified HeartMath Practitioner.

  • Board Member for The Dance Resource Center, LA
  • Author of:
    • The Authentic Performer: Wearing a Mask & the Effect on Health
    • The Embodied Dancer: A Guide to Optimal Performance
    • Dancing Longer, Dancing Stronger

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I was born and raised in Australia. My abilities were realized from the age of six years. I could hear, see and talk to people who had passed. I was a quiet and shy child and never shared my abilities with anyone to anyone. I struggled to understand it and suppressed it as much as I could in my younger years. I worked successfully as a covert field investigator for 20 years working on assignments across Asia and the subcontinent. My work required me to make quick and serious decisions at a moment’s notice. I learned to trust my inner voice over time. Through my work, I developed an unquestionable connection to my abilities.

I experienced the loss of a few family members tragically at a young age and faced many tough life challenges by age 17. Now looking back on those experiences, I know they laid the foundation for a journey of an extraordinary life, one that gave me the skills and life experience to help others.

I ended up on the “Island of Gods” – Bali after experiencing a few losses, including losing a teenage daughter. I surrendered to a new life of recovery and change. It was the magic of Bali that opened the pathway for me to help people deal with grief, loss, and confusion.

Over 5 years living in Bali I read for people in all sorts of situations from all over the world. It was a humbling time. I understood much more about myself and helped many people as a result of my own wounds. I felt I had finally found my purpose. I studied and practiced spirituality, compassion and meditation on this magical island. I learned to give equal attention to practicality and spirituality in my daily living and that balance allowed me to provide solid grounded guidance and readings to others to make a real difference in their lives. My life in Bali was magical and life-changing and I am forever grateful.

I am passionate about making a difference. I donate my time for organizations that support suicide prevention, the protection of women and children, and the environment. I donate my time to parents who have lost children, I assist law enforcement and the location of missing persons. I am based between the United States, Australia, and South East Asia, however I travel worldwide conducting readings, workshops on empowerment, practical spirituality, health happiness, mindsets and manifestation.

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