USB Salt Lamps and Color Changing Lamps


USB Powered Himalayan Salt Lamps.

Salt Lamp

  • LED light
  • USB powered
  • hardwood base
  • 1.2 lbs. - 4" tall
"Feng Shui" Salt Crystal (Halite)
  • Ultra Clear Salt Crystal from the Himalayas.
  • This rare salt structure is almost perfectly transparent. Includes black 5-LED base,
  • AAA batteries. 110v power adapter. 4" tall.
3" "Chakra" Crystal (Selenite)
  • Selenite (literally meaning "stone of the moon") crystals are mined at the rim of the Sahara desert. The milky white structure lights up beautifully. Black 5 color LED base, AAA batteries. USB adapter. 3" tall.