The Japanese Tea Ceremony

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Tea making in Japan has a mystique that is a world apart from the hurried drink that is enjoyed in the West. Sado - the Way of Tea - is a highly stylized ritual that was formally established in the late sixteenth century by the master Sen-Rikyu. While the fundamentals of the ceremony were laid down by the Samurai, the esthetic comes from the austerity and grace of Zen Buddhism. The Japanese Tea Ceremony Gift Set is designed to bring a little calm and grace into your life by offering the chance to experience a simple form of relaxation that enhances self-awareness and social relationships. It will give you the opportunity to escape for an hour and immerse yourself in the elegant traditions of japan. To start you on your journey into the world of tea, the pack offers both the basic equipment and clear step-by-step instructions for carrying out your own tea ceremony at home, incorporated into a beautifully presented gift box. All that is needed for a splash of Eastern culture is the addition of hot water. Included in the pack are - A traditional Japanese teacup, a packet of matcha - powdered green tea, a bamboo whisk, and a beautifully illustrated book which explores the history and culture of Japan, the esthetics of tea, and the status of the tea ceremony in Japan today, together with over 100 illustrations and helpful diagrams.