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Every Thursday of the Month:

First Thursday of Month
Eclectic Shares- Join us the First Thursday of each month as we feature a different topic of spiritual practice, new and improved tools for your spiritual toolbox, and introductions to Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils, Reiki, Sound Healing, Yoga, and More    

Second Thursday of Month Nov 11th
AstroloTea with Cam and Jeanie
Join us for a talk and Q&A on the mystical world of astrology. Whether you don't even know your astrological sign, or you're wondering how to heal your 7th house Chiron in Gemini, we've got something for everyone. 

The Harvard Happiness Study has found a strong association between happiness and close relationships like spouses, family, friends, and social circles. This week we will be talking about the planet of relationships; Venus. Understanding your Venus can help you navigate relationships in your life more harmoniously, bringing joy into your life.  
About Cam:
Cam Joyner discovered his love of astrology many years ago in the Amazon rainforest, where he met his primary teacher Mark Flaherty. Within astrology, Cam is particularly adept at using the birth chart to solve real life problems in a practical way. He also studies the astrological karma of the United States, as well as synastry—astrology between two people. He brings this expertise into his work as a relationship/sexual health coach (specializing in sexual dysfunction) to facilitate emotional healing by peeling back the problematic layers in his clients’ lives.

Third of Thursday Month Nov 18th
Sound Circle with Mallory 
Please join us for a connective Song Circle on the third Thursday of the month. We will sing simple heart songs and incorporate harmonies and toning depending on group size and skill level. No experience is necessary, this circle is open to all skill levels. Come with your genuine desire to sing and connect with others in sacred circle! This circle is open to all genders
About Mallory:
Mallory is a song keeper, prayer holder, and ceremonialist. Her work is focused on connection, spiritual growth, and women's empowerment. She facilitates circles, ceremonies, and one on one sessions that cultivate a greater connection to community and a deeper knowing of the self. Mallory currently resides in Northern Vermont and is committed to deepening her connection to the Earth, her Self, and the community around her.
Fourth of Thursday Month
Around The Sacred Fire with Community
Join us for an evening of Story Telling, Poetry, Spoken Word, and Songs

Suggested Donation of $5-20 for all Thursday events,

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