Duration: 120 Minutes




OCTOBER 15th 4-6 pm 

Join us for a guided shamanic quest as we combine the powerful awareness of plants and journey on the waves of sound to remember our sacred communion with the inner self.

As we enter the West it is a time of stepping in and integration. A time to reflect on how we live and walk upon the earth. In this potent portal, we will anchor in the light to sustain us as the seasons' change and grow a deeper intimacy with ourselves. 


Kristy Scott embraces all of humanity and welcomes all beings with loving compassion. Her dedication is all in service to your holy sacred empowerment. This work is a remembrance of your soul’s original blueprint. 

A Shamanic practitioner, Medicine Woman & Spirit Weaver, Kristy knows the ways of the old, she is a keeper of the earth.

From a young age, she could perceive the otherworldly realms and spent most of her time in the forest. She is the 6th generation of a very special piece of land in northern Vermont, the first stewards of this land were the Abenaki. This sacred land and the otherworldly realms shaped her into the person she is today. Shamanism and earth-based rituals feel like home to her because of the inherent connection to something greater. Kristy's purpose is to bridge the gap between science and magic using the quantum field & earth as a direct mirror. Through understanding the innate connection between our mind, body, and spirit we can start to work with the energetic flow of abundant success and health. 

In addition to her role as a shamanic practitioner, Kristy is certified in a two-year program with the Gaia School of Healing & Earth Education, with a concentration in Herbalism and Plant Spirit Medicine.  She is also a practitioner in the Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki tradition. She has taken part in many miscellaneous energy & holistic workshops about the physical body, the energetic body, breath, sound, the quantum field, gut health, nutrition, trauma, and the vagus nerve and was schooled about the lymphatic system with Dr. Perry of Stop Chasing Pain. Kristy is also a proud mother of a 27-year-old rising Son

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