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Rooting In: Talks on Self Care

We are taking a breath for the month of August and will be back in September with Thursday Evening Gatherings

6-8 pm

Join us for a talk and Q&A on the mystical world of astrology. Whether you don't even know your astrological sign, or you're wondering how to heal your 7th house Chiron in Gemini, we've got something for everyone.  



This Month: Connection with nature has profound positive impacts on many aspects of our physical, spiritual, and mental wellness.  Meet Jenn of Closer to Center EcoCoaching and learn more about EcoCoaching, and learn what EcoCoaching is, what you might expect during a session, and what its benefits are.  We’ll be exploring our connection to nature and how it relates to our connection to our own authentic selves.

Jenn teaches people to use nature as a gateway to reconnect with their own inner wisdom and the wisdom of spirit. She supports them as they navigate challenges by holding space and through teaching the principles of intention, awareness, gratitude, and connection. Her practice is deeply rooted in intuition, compassion, and love.
Her intention is that the connections created through harnessing the power of nature as a teacher and a healer will inspire individuals into taking action to give back and heal nature in return.  We are not separate from nature, we are a part of it, and it is a part of us.

Jenn grew up on a small farm spending most of her time outside connected to the land. She is certified in Ecospirituality, trained as a life coach through an ICF accredited program, and attuned to Reiki 1 & 2.

If you are a Teacher or Practitioner and want to offer some of your wisdom to the community for our Eclectic Shares please email us.