Duration: 30 Minutes




Internationally-renowned Psychic Medium and Life Motivator Omar Kahn, will be offering readings Monday, September 26th 10-2pm

OMAR KAHN: I was born and raised in Australia. My abilities were realized from the age of six years. I could hear, see and talk to people who had passed. I was a quiet and shy child and never shared my abilities with anyone to anyone. I struggled to understand it and suppressed it as much as I could in my younger years. I worked successfully as a covert field investigator for 20 years working on assignments across Asia and the subcontinent. My work required me to make quick and serious decisions at a moment’s notice. I learned to trust my inner voice over time. Through my work, I developed an unquestionable connection to my abilities.


I experienced the loss of a few family members tragically at a young age and faced many tough life challenges by age 17. Now looking back on those experiences, I know they laid the foundation for a journey of an extraordinary life, one that gave me the skills and life experience to help others.

I ended up on the “Island of Gods” – Bali after experiencing a few losses, including losing a teenage daughter. I surrendered to a new life of recovery and change. It was the magic of Bali that opened the pathway for me to help people deal with grief, loss, and confusion.

Over 5 years living in Bali I read for people in all sorts of situations from all over the world. It was a humbling time. I understood much more about myself and helped many people as a result of my own wounds. I felt I had finally found my purpose. I studied and practiced spirituality, compassion and meditation on this magical island. I learned to give equal attention to practicality and spirituality in my daily living and that balance allowed me to provide solid grounded guidance and readings to others to make a real difference in their lives. My life in Bali was magical and life-changing and I am forever grateful.

I am passionate about making a difference. I donate my time for organizations that support suicide prevention, protection of women and children, and the environment. I donate my time to parents who have lost children, I assist law enforcement and the location of missing persons. I am based between the United States, Australia, and South East Asia, however I travel worldwide conducting readings, workshops on empowerment, practical spirituality, health happiness, mindsets and manifestation.

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