HUG THERAPY BOOK; by Kathleen Keating


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Relax, raise your arms, place them around the person in front of you and squeeze gently. But, no bear hugs, please. Kathleen Keating and Mimi Noland combine their talents to show how and why all kinds of hugs have positive results on IQ, aging, self-esteem, and stress. Simple line art drawings of charismatic cartoon bears lend a whimsical touch to book guaranteed to touch your heart. A great gift idea for someone who needs a hug. A beary, beary uplifting book.

Kathleen has a graduate degree in clinical psychology and is a registered nurse in California and Missouri. She has been practicing as a counselor, psychotherapist, mental health educator, mediator, and consultant for the past 35 years. Kathleen is also author of The Hug Therapy Book and The Love Therapy Book. The books are playful parodies on therapy with a serious message about the importance of compassion and the healing touch. She is currently creating The Anger Therapy Book and The Downhill Runners and Fast Walkers - The Very Beginners Playbook for Health and Well-Being. She is an inspiring speaker and workshop leader on the topics of The Power of Touch, The Nature of Love and Intimacy, The Wounded Healer - For Health Care Providers, How To Love a Child, How To Love a Teen-Ager, How To Talk To Women - For Men Only and How To Talk To Men - For Women Only. Kathleen's focus as a personal, creative consultant is to stimulate the imagination, inspire self worth and deepen personal intuition. She uses a wide range of methods including the art of setting and maintaining goals, communication skills, solution-focused problem-solving, negotiation skills, guided imagery, inner dialogue and journal writing, poetry, story-telling and journal art. The process she has developed is a journey of adventure for individuals or groups who want personalized guidance in finding and developing a creative project, as well as managing stress, learning relationship and parenting skills, improving health and fitness, reducing weight, resolving grief, managing life transitions. This journey includes a deeper exploration of the basic inner conflicts that lie at the root of blocks to personal success. It is about connecting with the authentic self and moving beyond old, automatic patterns learned in childhood. This reworking of patterns allows creation of new alternatives and a renewed life. Every individual who chooses this inner work will learn how to find and follow their own unique path and create self-support for continuing their destiny. All experiences and feeling are accepted and explored rather than controlled or repressed. The purpose is not to superficially "fix" problems but to discover genuine needs and goals.
    Paperback: 72 pages
    Publisher: Hazelden Publishing (April 19, 1994)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 9781568380940
    ISBN-13: 978-1568380940
    ASIN: 1568380941
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