Duration: 90 Minutes

Guided Shamanic Journey with SabrinaJoy


7-8:30 pm

The Shamanic journey is an ancient practice that helps you cultivate your own relationship with your helping spirits. It gives you direct access to your Guides to ask questions, to receive teachings, and be supported and loved. Maybe you have heard about Shamanic journeys but don't know how or you have some experience but want to learn more. This class is for you. Join SabrinaJoy as she leads you in a
Shamanic journey to meet a Spirit Guide who is waiting to work with you.

Absolutely no experience necessary. You will be guided each step of the way in this safe and supportive class.

Appropriate for anyone 12-100 years old who is curious and looking for another way to connect with the realms of Spirit and their own wisdom.

Sabrinajoy did her first shamanic journey in 2006. Since then, she has done 100’s of journeys for her own answers and for clients. She has studied with Sandra Ingerman, Nan Moss, and David Corbin in various aspects of Shamanism.

She teaches others the joy of the journey and how to use this powerful and simple tool to answer questions and deepen their relationships with themselves and their guides.