Duration: 360 Minutes

Come join Annette Gingras Reiki Master/Teacher, on Sunday, October 23rd, 10-4 pm for a full day of Reiki I

The focus of Reiki I is Self-Care, Self-awareness, and Self-Mastery. The more you explore your internal world the more you can understand how you interact with your outside world.

In the class, we will be exploring how to create healthy energetic boundaries through the healing practice of Reiki I.

We will dive into how a Reiki Practice can aid you in cultivating more clarity, ease of movement, and how energy affects you and your surroundings.

We will also be learning what is Reiki and how it can be integrated into your daily self-care practice, along with how to work with Crystals and Reiki, and techniques for practicing Reiki on yourself and others. 

You will leave your Reiki I attunement with an understanding of basic Reiki hand placements, how to use the Reiki activation symbol, and a basic understanding of how to work with your Chakras system