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Every Thursday 6-8 pm, we explore uncharted topics beyond the normal paradigm of practice. Get up-to-date tools for your spiritual toolbox, and learn about Crystals, Herbs, Essential Oils, Reiki, Sound Healing, and Yoga.

You won't just scratch the surface - let's get Eclectic!

First Thursday of Each Month

6-8 pm



This month we will be exploring the different types of cleansing, protection, and grounding Crystals, and how they can be integrated into your everyday life. You will have an opportunity to hold, attune, and then feel how each of these Crystals shifts and shape your energetic experience of the world.

 Second Thursday of the Month

6-8 pm

July 13th

July 27th

August 10th

September 14th

Take a leap into the unknown Every Second Thursday 6-8 pm and join one of our Elders Sabrinajoy Milbury for a gentle exploration through the drum journey!

Journey through the energetic realms, explore new spiritual landscapes, meet new guides, learn something new about yourself, and ground your energy all in one evening.

Embark on an exhilarating, spirited journey! 

Absolutely no experience necessary. All are welcome!


Third Thursday of each month 6-8 pm

July 20th

August 17th

September 21st

Gather with other enthusiasts to delve into the realm of divination with

GAZING BEYOND: Explorations on Divination 

Learn various techniques for understanding tarot, Oracle cards, and other types of divination. Participate in readings, attend talks, and engage in group discussions to gain deeper insight into yourself and the universe.

Explore the power of self-growth and development and see what special wonders this evening can hold for you!

Rotating Four or the Last Thursday of Each Month

6-8 pm

Dates: TBA

Discover the power of Reiki to ground your body  and  balance your chakras promoting self-healing as part of our Eclectic Shares offerings every Thursday 6-8 pm

Our evening of Reiki offerings for Chakra Balancing ensures relaxation, helps activate your body's natural self-care processes, and provides a harmonious flow of energy.

Empower yourself and enjoy a deeper level of self-care and healing with an evening of Reiki!

Rotating Four or the Last Thursday of Each Month

6-8 pm

Dates: TBA