Coventry Creations- Power Votive Collection


Dragons Blood- Sweet, smokey resin to power up your magic; Dragon’s blood is a resin from China, the East Indies, and South America, that comes from some of the earth’s oldest trees. This resin helps one define and empower spells. Blessing: By Air, Fire, Water, and Earth, I craft this spell on heart and hearth. I call forth this vitality and force. My dragon awakens and finds its course. My spell complete and my magic fair. My words strong this witch's prayer.


 A blood-red candle with dragon’s blood fragrance

burns for 10 hours


A blood-red candle with dragon’s blood fragrance

2.5” x 6.5” pillar

burns for 80 hours.

Emotional Balance- This is a deep turquoise candle with an orange blossom essential blend. 10 hour burn time votives. Emotional Balance is found when we begin to trust our instincts & strengthen our connection with the Divine. It is this source of life that fulfills us and allows us to flow into our destiny. Water represents the sub-conscious, the place of dreams, instinct & emotions. From this place, you will find the conduit to divine wisdom and greater psychic powers that bring your emotions into balance.

Blessing - I release the binding thoughts that keep me in this state of turmoil. I surrender to the flow of life, achieving my balance

Healing- This Power Votive is a spiritual purple candle with a mellow honeysuckle & cedar oil blend. 10-hour votives. Complete healing occurs in the body, mind, and spirit when you address the inner-personal issues that may contribute to your disease. Many times our illness comes from emotions that are suppressed and make themselves known by stress on our bodies. This Candle can help you find your center and realign your vibrations to a healthy level.

Blessing - Body, mind & spirit I release all dis-ease and fill myself with universal healing energies

Happy Home- These Power Votive are a brick red candle infused with warm rose & myrrh oils. 10 hour burn time votives. Your home, no matter what state it is in, is your sanctuary. Use this candle to help create an environment that is warm and inviting, or to bless others with good wishes. Allow this blend to promote happiness and good health in any home or gathering of people. Feel the tension and stress dissolve away when you burn this candle to calm a stormy household.

Blessing - I fill my home with the blessings and love of the universe. I release all tension that may reside here

Protection- This Power Votive is a deep Myrrh Blend of Essential Oils in a midnight black candle. 10 hour burn time votives. Black is the blending of all colors, representing protection in all directions, in all areas of your life, and through all of your actions. Many times issues of protection are lessons in personal boundaries and personal power. This Candle will help set up an aura of protection be it from circumstances, other people’s energies, or even your own self-sabotage.

Blessing - From East, South, West & North; above and below, I am protected

Ancestor- This Power Votive is a white candle infused with a peppermint musk blend. 10 hour burn time votives, Strengthen the connection to your Spirit Guides and their voices of wisdom and guidance to be heard in your life. The innocence and trust of your childhood allowed communication with Spirit Guides and ancestors who guided and protected you in learning life’s lessons.

Blessing - My thoughts are now open to the wisdom of my master spirit guides

*Remove all packaging before lighting and never leave a burning candle unattended.

*All information provided by Coventry Creations