Coventry Creations- Drawing Down the Moon Candles

0.66 lb

Coventry Creations Drawing Down The Moon Line connects one with the lunar quest for wisdom and fill your life with the magic and mysticism of our mother moon. This line was naturally designed to be used at any time of the lunar cycle to meet your needs as they arise. 

Full Moon Drawing Down the Moon Candle is a blend of Jasmine/Frankincense. Color – Ivory. Candle Size 2" x 7 ". Pillar burns 50 hours of Magic, Imagination, Mystery. The Full Moon teaches us that the magic of manifesting our dreams comes when we fill ourselves with the intention and passion of what we desire. It is owning this passion body, mind and spirit, that magnetizes the outcome of our desires into our reality.

New Moon Drawing Down the Moon Candle is a blend of frankincense and myrrh in a dark midnight 2" x 7". Pillar that burns 50 hours. Beginnings, innocence and creativity are the lessons of the new moon. This energy provides an opportunity to begin or begin again. It is from this innocence and freedom that we can choose paths, new and undefined. Take this opportunity to sculpt your desires and shape your future.

-Descriptions provided by Coventry Creations