We are taking a breath for the month of August and will be back in September with Thursday Evening Gatherings

6-8 pm

Join us for a talk and Q&A on the mystical world of astrology. Whether you don't even know your astrological sign, or you're wondering how to heal your 7th house Chiron in Gemini, we've got something for everyone.  


THIS MONTH: Why Your Rising Sign Matters The rising sign is part of the “big 3” in astrology, but its significance is often not well understood or appreciated. The rising sign is thought to be much more important than the sun sign, and learning the lessons of your rising sign is one of the most efficient ways toward growth and a richer life. It’s to your detriment to ignore its lessons, as they are the deepest ones you are here to learn.

Cam Joyner discovered his love of astrology many years ago in the Amazon rainforest, where he met his primary teacher, Mark Flaherty. Within astrology, Cam is particularly adept at using the birth chart to solve real life problems in a practical way. He also studies the astrological karma of the United States, as well as synastry—the astrology between two people. He brings this expertise into his work as a relationship/sexual health coach (specializing in sexual dysfunction) to facilitate emotional healing by peeling back the problematic layers in his clients’ lives. For more information or to see what Cam offers check out Sun Square Pluto