We are taking a breath for the month of August and will be back in September with Thursday Evening Gatherings

6-8 pm

Join us for an evening of Story Telling, Poetry, Spoken Word, and Songs.

THIS MONTH: Hekate is a goddess with a long, complex, and fraught history, which leaves Her as a rather enigmatic figure who has been enjoying a powerful resurgence in worship in recent decades.  I will dispel what I have learned are common misconceptions of Her, and give a brief summary of what we understand about Her origins and history.  Through our exploration of Her as a great, ancient, and beneficent light-bringing Goddess, connected to the grain cycle and many mystery cults of Greece, to a Goddess of witchcraft, ghosts, crossroads, the night, and the moon, we will take a look at some of the meanings of Her symbolism and try to glimpse at what I understand to be some of Her deeper mysteries.  I will then give you my advice on how to go about relating to Her if you are interested in doing so, and some recommendations of resources for further study. 

About Dino: I have been a student of the occult to some extent for most of my life, having looked into a variety of areas including Druidry, eclectic Wicca, and Traditional Witchcraft. A couple of years ago, my research brought my attention to Hekate and I learned about the Sorcery of Hekate course that Jason Miller offers.  Now, I have a regular practice in the Arcana that Jason teaches, and I have broadened my study of Her to include materials from authors like Sorita d’Este, David Rankine, Robert Von Rudloff, and now Stephen Ronan.  I have also looked into some of Cyndi Brannen’s material, Dr. James Rietveld's online lecture, and many other sources. I can claim no authority about the nature of the Goddess or how She should be seen or related to, but while I maintain the oath-bound nature of Jason Miller's course, allow me to impart what I have learned in the last two years of my relationship with Her.

No One Turned Away!