ADVANCED REIKI I SELF MASTERY TRAINING - 8hrs over 8weeks With Annette Gingras Reiki Master/Teacher

Duration: 480 Minutes



8hrs over 8weeks

The focus of Reiki I is Self-Care, Self-awareness, and Self-Mastery

In this 8-week Reiki, I advanced training, you will gain a deeper knowledge of Self Mastery through Reiki practice. Learn about the Chakras system and basic sacred geometry to understand your energetic bodies and how to use them as a Reiki I student in your day-to-day life. Discover your passions/motivations, divine gifts, and how to incorporate Reiki I into daily life and self-care.

By the End of your Reiki I Training, you will be been attuned to Reiki Level I. You will also have an understanding of The Three Pillars of Reiki, The personal Reiki hand placements, how to use the Reiki activation/Power symbol Cho-Ku-Rei, an understanding of how to work with your Chakras system with Reiki, and simple grounding and clearing mudras and breath work techniques

Reiki is a non-denominational healing modality for Self Empowerment and Self Healing  

Offering Free 30min "Drop in meeting" for more information about the Training and to meet Annette