FLORIDA WATER- Both Florida Water and Kananga Water are widely used in rituals of home protection and spiritual cleaning, to scent bowls of water set out for the spirits of the dead, as a basis for making ink-dyed scrying water, and for other ritual and cosmetic purposes among people of African-diaspora descent in the United States and the Caribbean

SAN SIMON ESENCIA MAZIMONMaximon is actually a pre-Columbian Mayan god of the underworld formerly known as Maam ("grandfather") or Rilaj Mam; his modern name is a conflation of Mam and Simon. Maximon symbolizes chthonic male sexual power. As an "opener of the way," his feast day falls at the onset of the fertile rainy season, but except for that day, his devotees may guard his visage from public view, for fear that his sexuality may run rampant. Primarily a bringer of rain and fertility, he is sometimes also called "the saint of gamblers and drunkards." He brings wealth and worldly success to those who venerate him.

WILLOW WATER- The WILLOW is a sacred and symbolic tree in every land in which it is native. Known for its habit of growing close to streams and springs, its presence tells the thirsty traveler where water can be found. WILLOW contains salicylates (a word derived from its Latin name, SALIX) -- natural pain relievers that form the basis for anti-inflammatory drugs like aspirin. For this reason, WILLOW WATER is an old home remedy used to wash an aching head or tired feet. Additionally, because the tree grows near water and has sickle-shaped leaves, witches bathe with WILLOW WATER and set it out in crystal bowls in honor of Selene, the ancient Goddess of the Watery Moon.

TWO GIRLS FLORIDA WATER COLOGNEA natural fragrance made from plant extracts, with soothing and antiseptic properties. Against mosquito bites; Sterilize and relieve itchiness; Prevent heatstroke, against heat and hot weather. Add a suitable amount to a hot bath for relaxation or add few drops to a hot towel to apply on the face after drunk. Spray in the room as an air freshener; Prevent infant's prickly heat.

ORANGE BLOSSOM COLOGNE-A cologne used for spiritual services and to attract luck in love and money. 4 oz. plastic bottle.

HOYT'S COLOGNE- A cologne widely reputed to bring great good luck to gamblers; it is also used to dress mojo bags. 3/4 oz. glass bottle with charming vintage label.

ROSE BLOSSOM COLOGNE- A cologne used for spiritual services and to attract love and romance. 4 oz. plastic bottle.

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