Charlotte - Tarot and Oracle Readings

Charlotte is an intuitive tarot and oracle reader who loves to share the guidance and affirmation they often find in tarot. Their approach to readings is trauma informed and empathic, often with a focus on healing and personal growth. They believe their primary role as a reader is to bear witness to and validate you on your journey as well as empowering you as the author of your own story.
Melody Joy

Melody Mystic Joy- Astrology 

Melody Joy is an Astrologer, Modern Day Mystic and Wild Woman. She brings years of natural psychic, intuitive gifts to her working knowledge of astrology to help assist and empower others on their awakening journey.  Melody’s heart centered clarity and fierce wisdom supports those ready to deepen their divinity on their transformation journey.

Melody studied astrology at Kepler College and holds certifications as a Spiritual Coach, a Registered Yoga Instructor and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist.



 Over the last 12 years, I have been fortunate to help thousands and witness the remarkable shifts my clients have made in their lives, from releasing imprisoning mindsets to engaging in new careers, embarking on new business ventures and just being at peace with themselves. My passion is for everyone to be free of their mind traps and to live progressively.

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Heather- Angel Card Readings

I have been doing Angel Card Readings since 2009. I let the cards guide the conversations. They keep me focused on the messages that need to be heard in the moment in a positive and enlightening way. Angel cards keep me grounded and help me stay true to myself. They have uplifted me over the years and as I do readings I watch them uplift and guide each person to their own personal journey.



Andrew Bladyka- Tarot

Hi my name is Andrew. I’ve been officially studying tarot for three years and unofficially studying tarot my entire life. I work with the cards as a spiritual psychological tool to explore how to move with/through obstacles in thought and mental schemas. Energy follows thought, and I make it my purpose to see that my Seekers move forward in their lives with a greater awareness of and comfort working with the relationship between their Mind, Self, and Environment.

Eingel Negron (she/they) - Tarot 

Eingel Negron is a queer, Puerto Rican Tarot reader and kitchen witch. They are self taught and intuitively led, using the cards as a tool for empowerment, touching deep wisdom, and manifesting the soul’s journey. She is also fond of writing poetry and dancing.

KaSandra Gibson- Intuitive Crystal, Charms, & Pendulum Readings

I have been doing crystal, charms, and pendulum readings for five years. My intuitive readings are timeless messages from the Spirit that can provide information and insight that may help answer questions about love, career, happiness, or any other area of daily life.
My readings are not a form of fortune-telling and don’t offer exact answers
I offer different variables & suggestions that you can use to work out your situation with the help of your intuition. 

Restoring, Balancing, & Healing your Mind, Body, & Spirit

Cam Joyner- Astrology

Cam Joyner discovered his love of astrology many years ago in the Amazon rainforest, where he met his primary teacher Mark Flaherty. Within astrology, Cam is particularly adept at using the birth chart to solve real life problems in a practical way. He also studies the astrological karma of the United States, as well as synastry—the astrology between two people. He brings this expertise into his work as a relationship/sexual health coach (specializing in sexual dysfunction) to facilitate emotional healing by peeling back the problematic layers in his clients’ lives.

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I'm Reyna and I read Soul Tarot, taught to me by Lindsay Mack of Tarot for the Wild Soul, for a little over 2 years now. In 2018, I began teaching myself to read Tarot and 2019/2020 enrolled in several of Lindsay's courses, becoming more and more comfortable with listening to my inner voice and gaining deeper relationship with Spirit. 
I see the Tarot as a way to help us navigate life. I have found that the Tarot can help us see our way, our obstacles, to aid us in acknowledging our truth and in growing our inner voice and connection to Spirit. The Tarot is a tool for us to meet ourselves in every moment, to be a sort of guide, an aid for us as we reach toward expansion for our human mind, body and our Soul.