Melody Joy

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Melody Mystic Joy- Astrology 

Melody Joy is an Astrologer, Modern Day Mystic and Wild Woman. She brings years of natural psychic, intuitive gifts to her working knowledge of astrology to help assist and empower others on their awakening journey.  Melody’s heart centered clarity and fierce wisdom supports those ready to deepen their divinity on their transformation journey.

Melody studied astrology at Kepler College and holds certifications as a Spiritual Coach, a Registered Yoga Instructor and Nationally Board Certified Massage Therapist.

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Heather- Angel Card Readings

I have been doing Angel Card Readings since 2009. I let the cards guide the conversations. They keep me focused on the messages that need to be heard in the moment in a positive and enlightening way. Angel cards keep me grounded and help me stay true to myself. They have uplifted me over the years and as I do readings I watch them uplift and guide each person to their own personal journey.



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Andrew Bladyka- Tarot

Hi my name is Andrew. I’ve been officially studying tarot for three years and unofficially studying tarot my entire life. I work with the cards as a spiritual psychological tool to explore how to move with/through obstacles in thought and mental schemas. Energy follows thought, and I make it my purpose to see that my Seekers move forward in their lives with a greater awareness of and comfort working with the relationship between their Mind, Self, and Environment.

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Eingel Negron (she/they) - Tarot 

Eingel Negron is a queer, Puerto Rican Tarot reader and kitchen witch. They are self taught and intuitively led, using the cards as a tool for empowerment, touching deep wisdom, and manifesting the soul’s journey. She is also fond of writing poetry and dancing.

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Hanna Sher- Tarot

With youthful spirit and old soul, Hanna’s tarot reading style draws from her background in Ayurveda, Ashtanga yoga, the seasons, astronomy and astrology.

She uses 15 upright cards and a Druid tarot set to look at the recent past, present, inner self, advice and potential future outcome that may manifest from heeding that advice.

Hanna knows and honors that everyone has their own unique way of connecting with their inner light, as there are infinite kinds of mindfulness. Her tarot readings reflect the idea of self-work and self-study, as the path to enlightenment must come from within.

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