NOVEMBER 16th-December 21st

6 Week Course 

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This course is designed as an introductory level program to explore body systems and concepts, ranging from classical anatomy to quantum biology, and to understand the interactions between our emotions and the expression of physical symptoms. It is designed for practitioners who work at both the physical and energetic levels, helping us to understand that there is no such distinction. Each session topic can be expanded into a whole course

Course Curriculum

Session One

Quantum Biology

An exploration of the body from the perspective of the quantum realm where the classical understanding of structure dissolves and where the concepts of energy healing can be explained in tangible terms.

Session Two

Classical Anatomy - Tissue Classifications

An exploration of tissue types from the classical perspective including bones, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and fascia, showing how they integrate to provide our structural integrity.

Session Three

The Nervous System

An exploration of the divisions of the nervous system and how it mediates between our emotions and the expression of physical symptoms, with a particular emphasis on the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS).

Session Four

The Immune System

An exploration of the components of our immune system with an emphasis on the interaction with the nervous system and our emotions in the expression of ill health, including as auto-immune issues.

Session Five

The Digestive System

An exploration of the anatomy of the digestive system and its interactions with the nervous and immune systems with an emphasis on its role in issues such as anxiety and depression.

Session Six

The Foot-Head Relationship

An exploration of the concepts of the structural integrity of the myo-fascial system and the biomechanical inter-relationships from the foot to the head, to demonstrate the importance of assessing symptoms from a holistic physical and meta-physical perspective.