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Pyrite Clusters

The name Pyrite is derived from the Greek word for Fire. A masculine stone Pyrite is great for Manifestation and is the perfect stone for increasing vitality and willpower through the activation of the Solar Plexus Chakra. If you are Looking for a boost this Spring in Personal Will, Confidence, Mental Clarity and Focus then Pyrite will make a great Crystal Friend as we all welcome in the Spirits of Spring!

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Spirit Dancer Crystals & Gifts has served the greater Burlington, Vermont area in different incarnations and names as a unique Book, Crystal, Yoga Supply and Gift Shop for over 35 years.

Now under new ownership, Annette Gingras is the fifth owner of this long standing spiritual pillar in the community. With a focus on customer service, ethically sourced merchandise and support of local crafts and crafters; Spirit Dancer Crystals and Gifts promises to serve the needs of the Communities that support and Loves this long standing small business.

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