Spirit Dancer Crystals & Gifts has served the greater Burlington, Vermont area in different incarnations and names as a unique Book, Crystal, Yoga Supply and Gift Shop for over 35 years.

Now under new ownership, Annette Gingras is the fifth owner of this long standing spiritual pillar in the community. With a focus on customer service, ethically sourced merchandise and support of local crafts and crafters; Spirit Dancer Crystals and Gifts promises to serve the needs of the Communities that support and Loves this long standing small business.

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Second of the Month JAN 13thAstroloTea with Cam and Jeanie. Join us for a talk and Q&A on the mystical world of astrology. Whether you don't even know your astrological sign, or you're wondering how to heal your 7th house Chiron in Gemini, we've got something for everyone. 

This week we will talk about the looming Pluto Return in the US birth chart, and how it can affect your finances, and your relationship with authority. Pluto is the planet of power, abuse, manipulation and control and it sits in the 2nd house of money in the US chart. In February it will return to the same degree of Capricorn as the day the Declaration of Independence was signed. One thing is certain, change is coming…

 About Cam:

Cam Joyner discovered his love of astrology many years ago in the Amazon rainforest, where he met his primary teacher, Mark Flaherty. Within astrology, Cam is particularly adept at using the birth chart to solve real life problems in a practical way. He also studies the astrological karma of the United States, as well as synastry—the astrology between two people. He brings this expertise into his work as a relationship/sexual health coach (specializing in sexual dysfunction) to facilitate emotional healing by peeling back the problematic layers in his clients’ lives.

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